There is something about learning self-defence that is simply impossible to put in words, it must be felt. It helps you understand how your body and mind works and can sync up, giving you the chance of identifying your weaknesses in order to be able to work on them and reinforce your strengths. Then you can become fully aware of your body and your environment and find the most efficient way to achieve your goals. That’s what is all about. It is a mind-body experience that makes you feel so alive. Often some people associate it with primitive practices. But let’s not forget something, we may have built much more complex societies, but at the end of the day, we are still animals. Even when we may seem more complex, pretty much anything in our lives is based on the same needs, the search of food, shelter/rest, search of a partner, etc. We actually still compete for resources, experience jealousy, feel the need of group inclusion, react to the invasion of space/territory, etc. And whether you want to recognise it or not, we are also still aggressive, and that’s not a bad thing since this brings about power and gives us the strength to keep moving forward and even create beautiful things. The problem is when that aggressiveness is not channelled. Some people show it at home, other with their colleagues, I know of many who express it at the wheel and a few others who end up beating up themselves (mentally) as a consequence of it. Not to talk collectively (wars, corruption, etc.). Aggressiveness is part of nature and there is nothing wrong with it when one learns how to channel it constructively. Violence is the dark and destructive side of aggressiveness, when there is an unjustified violation of the moral principles and the natural laws. There is nothing as pure and constructive than self-defence to learn how to lead that inner force in a constructive manner. That’s why we want to share with you the 10 reasons why you should include self-defence to your personal training routine:


1. It keeps your motivated to stick to your training routine, and therefore stay fit and healthy


Most individuals I have worked with who stuck to the training for long-term periods were always the ones including some self-defence to their personal training sessions. Just a few people love fitness itself. It looks like having another active routine linked to fitness helps you staying motivated. And I personally cannot think of any other type of exercise more complete and beneficial than self-defence.


2. It’s the best anti-stress remedy

Living in full emotional control, only allowing positive thoughts and experiences sounds great, but that’s not how life looks nor feel like, right? We often feel frustration, disappointment, stress and other negative emotions which often leave traces of tension within our mind and body. Training you can get rid of this inner strains and often hitting a pad is the most efficient way to release stress and dispel tensions.


3. It boosts your self-confidence and helps in getting to know your bad-ass side

Self-defence is an incredibly self-empowering experience. It challenges your inner boundaries, leading to an increased self-esteem and helping in valuing yourself more. We all have a Wonder Woman or Superman inside. Dare to know yours!


4. Enhances your emotional intelligence

There is a huge emotional component in self-defence but you only get to find this when your coach is a true expert on the field, embraces a holistic approach and is experienced enough to share that insight with you.


5. It helps develop self-discipline

There is a goal-setting process along the path when one learns a discipline. That involves regular work on certain areas which implies strengthening your will-power and self-commitment. Some great skills which can be later applied to any other areas of your life.


6. It helps you cultivate a ‘can do’ attitude

When is about learning self-defence you need to arm yourself with positive affirmations and a positive attitude, which again will empower you and will have a tremendous positive impact in any other areas of your life.


7. It is one of the most instinctive, primal and natural types of exercises

Unlike the gym or other types of sports which may have a very functional side (when performed correctly) self-defence and running are possibly the most natural types of high-intensity exercise. They are somehow written in our genes. We all have heard of the survival mechanism of “fight or flight” (run), right?


8. It is one of the most complete types of exercise

Helping you develop and work on strength, endurance, speed, power, accuracy, balance, coordination and flexibility.


9. Provides you with essential mental and physical skills to protect your life if the situation arises


Remember, learning self-defence doesn’t make you a violent person. Violence is out there and as you probably have noticed is now on the rise in London. And even when education, prevention and communication is generally speaking the best way to combat it, the truth is that there are some sick minds out there, so it is your right and responsibility to be able to face any hostile situation to first prevent it or face it in the best possible way when the first option fails.


10. It is fun!


And who doesn’t need some fun involved in the training routine? It has been shown that fun is one of key components of any learning process. It also supports continuity and progression on any fitness program helping the client achieving last-longing results while having a good time during the sessions.


Finally, I would like to stress something extremely important. If you want to get fit while training safely, please, go to a professional who is specialised on this (boxing or self-defence). Would you go to get a sports massage from a random golf player? Then, why learning boxing or self-defence from a personal trainer who’s not qualified and experienced in that particular field? The self-defence discipline is incredibly beneficial for mental and physical health only when performed correctly guided by a good coach. Otherwise, it will increase your risk of injury, your current imbalances and will compromise your posture, ligaments and joints in a bad way. Fitness is not self-defence. Personal Trainers do not learn anything at all related to this nor Boxing in their academies. They learn about fitness and general movement patterns. There is a science behind the martial art world which helps you maximise the highest potential when it is known and understood deeply. I have had the pleasure of being immersed in the self-defence world for more than 15 years now, along with some of our Fit Fast Trainers. We are more than happy to help you to discover your inner warrior spirit while getting fit and strong.


Written by Pilar
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