Are you still following these fitness fallacies?

I love the internet but sometimes it can get a bit irritating, especially as a coach. I think it’s great that there is a wealth of information out there for people, however it can also create other problems. Mass confusion and myths! A lot of people don’t look at the whole picture and sadly there are a lot of people out there who are trying to ‘cash in’. They usually prey on people who are desperate to look better or lift more etc and they usually offer amazing results. In the health and fitness industry if something looks too good to be true. IT USUALLY IS!

Don’t feel bad if you’ve fallen for one and suffered that face in the palm moment. I have and I’m a coach with a good knowledge of training and nutrition. When I first became a trainer I thought green tea tablets would get mean lean. They didn’t! Nowadays I’m a lot more sceptical and I follow science more than what ‘Barry Biceps or Tracy Toned’ says on youtube. (If you’re interested in supplements and you want good sound advice I recommend Okay I’ll quit blabbering so that we can debunk some common myths in the health and fitness industry. Amongst fitpros these myths are known as ‘broscience’!!

Myth 1

Calories don’t matter just eat clean.If only this was true we could all eat avocadosand almondnut butter till the cows come home and get lean. Although these foods are great for you in moderation they are highly calorific. So to put it bluntly you can even eat too much of a good thing and you can get fat eating ‘clean’.

Myth 2

Don’t eat carbohydrates after 6pm. This one really irritates me. It doesn’t matter if you eat carbs in the morning or evening, it comes down to preference. Soif you find they make you sleepy then eat them in the evening, if you find they energize you eat them in the morning. What matters is what you eat in the 24 hour ‘window’. Simples!

Myth 3

I don’t want to get too big. It’s usually women that say this one but men can too. If it was easy to get big then a high percentage of the male population in gyms would be big. They aren’t! As for women, you don’t have the level of hormones (testosterone etc) to get big. Pro bodybuilders are big because of genes, drugs, and a LOT of training!

Myth 4

High protein diets damage your kidneys. High protein diets have only been provento be damaging to people who ALREADY have a kidney problem. In healthy individuals higher protein diets have been shown to help you stay slim, get toned, build muscle, boost metabolism(via dietary thermogenesis)and aid fat loss. Pretty cool right?

Myth 5

Protein shakes are bad for you. We live in a world where it’s okay to eat a meal full of trans fats and sugar (yes I’m looking at you Ronald) but it’s weird to drink a shake VERY rich in amino acids, protein, fairly low calorie,low in fat, satiatingand pretty tasty if you add the right ingredients to it (bananaand walnut is greatbtw!). Wheyprotein comes from cheese (curds and whey)and you find it in loads of things like Hot chocolateso it’s perfectlysafe to eat.

Written by Ed

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