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6 tips to become a healthier you.
The mind plays the lead role when it comes to set and meet goals of any kind. I believe we are all born to envision the best version of ourselves, physically, mentally and emotionally. It is our choice to move in the right direction. The fast pace of today’s lifestyle, however, does not make this process easy so let me share with you 6 tips to become a healthier you. 

Set specific goals tailored to you and stay focused on the process.
Some of the most common fitness goals I hear from my clients are ‘lose weight’, ‘lose fat’, ‘get in shape’, ‘tone up’ and ‘improve fitness level’. All these are fine. Nonetheless, they do not describe a future result you can actually measure. They are just general goals and need to be broken down into specific ones, which can be tracked regularly. There are many ways to record your progression: tape measurements, fitness records, bioelectrical impedance analysis, etc. However, not everyone finds motivating enough seeing how the body fat, weight or size drops down. It is often the case that some people need to set some other type of specific goals such as doing a push up, the back bridge, a headstand or learning how to punch explosively. All depending on your current fitness level and likes. Take the time to find what motivates you and set goals tailored to you. Once you have set your general and specific goals, detach yourself from the outcome, stay always focused on the process and commit to the cause 24 hours per day, not only during your training sessions.

Do what you love.
Apart from setting specific goals tailored to you, you should achieve them by doing something you like. I have seen so much people training in the gym or outdoors doing the wrong exercises for their body, with poor technique and, what is worst, zero motivation. If you don’t like the gym or whatever you are currently doing, do something else! You have plenty of possibilities. Martial arts, Yoga, HIIFT (High Interval Intensity Functional Training) and Dancing are the ones I personally love and keep me active. What about you? If you still haven’t found what you like, that sounds like an adventure. You have whole word out there just waiting to be discovered. Experiment and enjoy your search. Once you find what you like, keep yourself focused and stick with it!

Think little.
Some people get stuck thinking where to begin. Do not go for radical changes, as they will not last for long. Let you mind and body get used to the new changes. Training or diet, whatever is the field, start with little steps and gradually build up to the desired level.

Plan your fitness routine in advance.
Do not let the rush, laziness or tiredness become an excuse. Plan your meals and training sessions in advance. Most of my clients train after work and I can assure you that very often they came stressed and exhausted but always finish the session feeling energised and with a big smile in the face. Time is not an excuse; health must be always at the top of your agenda.

Discover your psychological song.
This may sound strange but have you ever listened to yourself? Yes, that little voice up there in your head talking from the moment you wake up until you get back to bed. This is what I call the psychological song, ruled by the same patterns every day. It is the self-story you have been telling to yourself up to the present day. If you pay careful attention to it will tell you loads about yourself, particularly, what is stopping you from achieving your goals so you can easily get to know how to overcome that barriers. Once you have identified and analysed your physiological song you can create a new story to empower yourself and lead you in the right direction. Of course, the old story will not give up from one day to another; do not beat yourself up every time it comes in your way. This old story has been protecting you for a long time in that little cave people like to talk about now, your comfort zone, so it will surely rise back up as an automatic pattern that is. Do not fight it, become the observer by simply being aware every time this happens. Awareness is a more powerful tool to change than resistance.

Be persistent but also gentle with yourself.
It could happen that one specific training day your body really needs to rest and that is absolutely fine. Or it could happen that you have ended up extending that rest day to a few months. Every process in life has its ups and downs so take it easy. Do not give up if you have a lapse. It does not matter for how long it was or the reason why. We are humans so we fail and learn from it. It is part of our journey here. Retake your routine as soon as you realise you are out of the way and do not hesitate to seek external advice and support if you think you need it. Some people will find it in a Personal Trainer, others will find it in their friends, family or partner. Maybe you just need to set new goals or finding a new fitness challenge. Whatever is the reason why you failed, analyse it, stay aware of it to avoid future lapses and keep going without making a big deal of it. 

The perfect time does not exist so stop letting your mind playing around with that thought. The perfect time is now so identify your target and how you will hit it from today. Remember to plan ahead, moving gradually, staying present and connected to your body, and, above all, enjoying the journey!

Written by: Pilar

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