“I picked Omar to do a 6-week Summer Transformation, and what a change! I soon discoved that my fitness was not as good as I thought but Omar told me I was going to be fine. Having someone so positive about it gave me a kick start and the confidence I needed to make the change. I followed Omar’s program for just over 2 months and I am so proud of my new me. I cannot hide it was hard at the beginning but things got easier and easier and the resutls came fast, thank you!”


“Top Trainer” “I have been training with Peter for several months – he really knows his stufff in terms of helping set realistic but challenging goals and then creating a training and diet plan which will help you achieve it. Peter is great with motivation & support, changing the exercise & diet plan when needed etc – he really wants you to succeed and makes a real effort to help you do that. And yes, he is reliable & flexible around timing. A really good personal investment!”.


“Perfectionist, Professional and Punctual”

Tricia Guild

Designers Guild


“My ‘#1 Tormentor” “My name is Nick Cole and I’m a 61 year-old stroke survivor. I had a fairly massive haemorrhagic stroke in June 2009 that hospitalised me for ten months, initially in Charing Cross hospital and latterly in the Regional Rehabilitation Unit (RRU) at Northwick Park.  At the time of my stroke in June 2009, I was already reasonably fit, having decided to do something about my excess weight and general lack of fitness when I turned 50 in 2003. At that time I bought an exercise bike and after a year of sweating away, felt sufficiently fit to join a health club and do my exercising in public. I also started cycling to work. So arguably the exercise bike and gym membership saved my life! But still my weight stayed stubbornly high at >110kg and my BMI>33. I didn’t realise it at the time but I was using the gym as an excuse to continue my lifestyle of going to the pub several times a week and pigging out on pizza, etc! I met Peter Sleight in April 2010. When I came out of the RRU, a family friend recommended the Action for Rehabilitation from Neurological Injury charity (ARNI). Peter was/is the senior ARNI trainer for my area (Chiswick, West London). I soon realised that Peter would be a ‘tough but fair’ trainer. I jokingly call Peter my ‘#1 tormentor’ because he’s always ‘raising the bar’ and pushing me to go for ‘just that little bit more’! And that was the missing ingredient that my pre-stroke training was lacking. Peter has taken me from being effectively bed-bound to being able to walk for >1km. (I’ve recently also bought a tricycle, which I’m learning to ride!). Along the way, Peter has taught me how to recover and pick myself up from the floor from a fall and many other useful coping strategies. If I had my time again there are many things I’d change but not Peter. I just wish I’d met him years ago and avoided the damn stroke!”

Nick Cole

Stroke Survivor

“Worth Every Penny… and More” “I”ve been training with Pete for nearly 5 weeks now and it”s the best money I”ve spent in a long time – more then worth every penny. Every session is super challenging and he always pushes me to work really hard but at the same time he”s very supportive and someone I feel I can trust, I always feel amazing afterwards – and all in the comforts of my own home/garden! I already feel so much stronger and fitter and have noticed how much more confident I feel about myself. Also what”s so amazing about Pete is that not only do I get the hour personal training session but when we”re not training he gives me a workout plan for the week, he overlooks my diet to make sure I am eating healthily and in line with my goals, and he even contacts me on the days i should be working out to encourage/remind me! Like my own personal workout alarm clock! But seriously – having that much support is so important for me and keeps me motivated. I am so glad I found him and look forward to continuing our weekly sessions and exceeding my goals! I have been recommending Pete to all my friends and will continue to do so. Best personal trainer around for miles so book him now before he gets too busy”

Nicky Clinch

Actress and Singer

“Good Choice” “I have been training with Peter for over 18 months – he has helped me to significantly improve my fitness & flexibility as well as (and most importantly for me) lose weight! Peter is very knowledgable and extremely helpful in terms of both putting together an effective programme for the actual training time as well as providing good advice on nutrition & diet and other execise. Peter has a very relaxed style (but I do not get away with much!) and does his best to fit with my schedule. I have worked with a number of personal trainers over the years and in different cities around the world – Peter is definitely one of the better ones.”

Anne Bell

“”Good Choice”

Carolyn Murphy

Estee Lauder Supermodel

“From day one tutoring Pilar I have been instantly impressed with not only her passion for her role in this industry but also the incredible amount of knowledge she already has at her disposal. Her relentless search to obtain as much information as possible has made her one of the stand out trainers I have coached. Pilar’s vast amount of experience in martial arts and self defence combined with personal training has enabled her to create what I believe to be a fantastic niche to improve the lives of all of her clients. It is fair to say that I have learned just as much from Pilar as she has from me and I have no doubt that she is heading straight to the very top of her field. It has been a pleasure to work with Pilar and I am excited to all the incredible work she has planned in transforming people’s lives.”

Paul Miller

“Sonia is great trainer and a delight to train with. She combines support, humour and rigour in well-paced sessions and is excellent at motivating you to stretch (literally and figuratively) and challenge yourself within safe limits. Committed to her own self-improvement as well as her clients, I’ve seen her develop her own skills over the three-years I’ve worked with her with and without equipment (power plates, TRX, Keiser cross-trainers, weights etc), and have been impressed at how she draws on her vast repertoire of skills and knowledge to tailor programmes to the needs of clients with different fitness levels and goals. Her Zumba classes have been a great success – we move energetically, barely noticing how hard we’re working thanks to Sonia’s sense of fun, encouragement and love of trying out new choreographies and techniques. Her combination of dance training and fitness knowledge ensures that we exercise all muscle groups, stretch appropriately at the end of sessions and leave feeling energised and exhilarated. She’s also generous with sharing her substantial specialist knowledge to advise her clients on a range of health and fitness issues. I would highly recommend her to anyone.”

Celine Castelino

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