I came across an interesting article about wearing traditional training shoes and curved sole shoes like MBT’s and thought it was worth sharing with you as I have a couple of clients who have worn them in the past; as far as I know they no longer wear them.  Their reasoning behind wearing them was for backache.  What really causes backache in the first place, injury, weakness, or being inactive?  I personally think that these curved shoes have been marketed in a way that makes you go out and buy them for one reason only, that is to go walking to cure your backache.  Wouldn’t going for a walk with any kind of walking shoe help relieve the symptoms of backache just by being more active?  If you really want to achieve an unstable walk without spending more money, just walk off the path you are walking along, or walk along the beach.  The worst thing you can do if you are suffering from backache is to sit around complaining about it.  One more thing I should point out, most people who suffer from backache lead a very sedentary lifestyle and possibly have very weak abdominal muscles to support the trunk.   If this is the case it doesn’t really matter what you wear on your feet, you will suffer the discomfort.  Read the article here: BBC News – Curved soles ‘no better’ than trainers for back pain.

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