10 Ways to Exercise for a Great Six-Pack

  1. Concentrate:  Whether you are doing a basic crunch or something more serious like a Hanging Widescreen Wipers, you need to focus on each rep and feel the muscles working rather than trying to get as many reps as possible with bad form and technique.  Try and hold the contraction and squeeze those muscles hard at the top of each rep.
  2. Slow it down:  If you really want the to feel those muscles working hard, then slow the reps down.  Take one second to lift and then one second to hold and squeeze, then four seconds to lower your self back to the starting position, this will make them work harder.
  3. Mix it up:  As mentioned in a previous article I wrote, Six-pack abs: the Truths and Facts, you need to mix it up and alter the exercises a little.  Your body will become very efficient in doing crunches all the time if you did these everyday.  You need to find new ways to stimulate your muscles, either by adding weights, altering the amount of reps and doing different exercises or they will stop developing and growing.
  4. Watch your Posture:  Your abdominal muscles are vital in maintaining a good posture.  Watching your posture while performing exercises while sitting or standing will help your core muscles develop correctly.  Bad posture will cause your abdominal muscles to shorten and add strain to your lower back muscles.
  5. Strengthen your Back:  Don’t just work your abs so they look good.  Make sure you don’t neglect your back muscles.  By over working and strengthening your abdominal muscle, your abs will shorten and cause your upper body to be pulled forward adding strain to your lower back.  Develop strong back muscles to prevent this and they will help you stand tall.
  6. Don’t just do Sit-Up:  Only working your abdominal muscle by doing just sit-ups will become boring and your muscle will stop growing, use a variety of exercise to prevent this.
  7. Build Muscle:  By working all the big muscle groups you are burning up more calories and burning up fat stores.  Without muscles we wouldn’t be able to burn body fat.  Compound exercises like  squats and deadlifts are great for doing this.
  8. Refuel after a Workout:  Your muscles need to be replenished with carbohydrates and protein within the hour after a workout to make sure you don’t lose muscle and encourage your body to break down fat (lipolysis).
  9. Keep Track:  Keeping a training diary to set goals and keep track of your progress is vital.  This also helps you with changing your routine from time to time, you will be able to look back at the sets, reps and exercises you previously performed, this will also aid in motivation.
  10. Take time off:  Muscles grow when they are resting, so be sure to give yourself plenty of time off to recover from the strenuous workouts otherwise your body will burn out, your muscles wont grow and you will be more fatigued during the next workout which will affect your lifting technique and risk injuring your self.

Look out for part two; 10 Ways to Eat for a Great Six-Pack.

Written by; Peter

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