Once again the parks of London are under fire from self employed Personal Trainers and dog walkers who have been asked to pay highly inflated fees to use the parks to train their clients and walk the dogs.

Is it wrong to ask us to pay these fees?

Personal Trainers have been asked to pay up to £1500 per annum  per park, while dog walkers are being asked to pay just £300 per annum.  Why should Personal Trainers get stung with the higher costs?  Hammersmith and Fulham were the first to introduce these fees a year or so ago and now Royal Parks have also introduced them.

I would like to hear from other Personal Trainers, Dog Walkers and the general public their view.

Personal I am fine with paying a small annual fee (£100) to insure the fitness industry, the trainers and the clients stay safe, to be certain that all of us trainers are insured and that there are no cowboy trainers out there taking our work,  even a little section on the Royal Parks website to advertise the trainers who have registered would be great.

Michael Hainge, of Hammersmith & Fulham parks department, said the council is anxious to use parks to fight obesity, but wanted “to ensure programmes were not simply aimed at those already inclined towards exercise”. The council said: “Anyone can use our parks free, including personal trainers. But as soon as personal trainers start making money out of the park, they are running a business and need a licence.”

London Personal Trainers

London Personal Trainers




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