The Seven Stages of Cleaning Up Your Nutrition

Today’s post is going to be brief and to the point and it’s a topic that has come up in recent discussion quite frequently in recent weeks so I wanted to give the information to you guys which will help you clean up your nutrition. Follow this methodical, seven stage, no nonsense approach and you will soon find that you’re turning your body into a lean, mean fat burning machine. Here are the seven simple stages of cleaning up your nutrition.

1. Record everything – Use an app such as MyFitnessPal that will let you see your calorie intake and your approximate macronutrient breakdown. Using this application (which is a free app) will teach you what is in the food you are eating and this added self-awareness will help you in making a better decision later down the line.

2. Take a regular probiotic – I recommend either Nutri or Udos super 8 as these are packed with powerful microbes that are vital for gut health. 93% of our serotonin (one of our happy hormones) is produced in our gut and therefore is hugely responsible for our mental and emotional wellbeing. Most diseases and illness and often said to be originating in our gastrointestinal tract. If you want to really understand the power of microbes and the effects they have on our bodies then watch this 18-minute ted talk which will blow your mind…

3. Neutralize your diet – Does anyone remember acid vs alkali in school? This is in terms of the PH scale of 1-14 with Acid being 1 and Alkali being 14. An acidic diet can contribute to calcium loss in the bones and digestion problems that may eventually lead to dozens of symptoms from fatigue, to depression to indigestion and food intolerance. It also makes your body work harder to burn fat and who wants that?

Most peoples nutrition is acidic orientated as most foods we eat are acid forming – meat, poultry, fish, nuts, alcohol, soft drinks, bread, rice, pasta. For a healthy lifestyle and well oiled body, it is massively important to eat a more alkaline based diet which in real simple terms would be loads of greens! The ideal PH would be 7.

4. Load up on Super foods – I am a massive advocate of super foods. I take spirulina and chlorella, which are algae based products and are of extremely high nutritional value. I also regularly eat chia seeds, which are excellent for optimal gut health, and for cleansing and I also take in Maca powder, Lucuma powder and acai berries wherever possible. By loading up on super foods you will easily surpass your nutrition intake and be well on the way to leading a healthier lifestyle.

5. Work around your intolerances – Over 50% of people has a food intolerance of some kind. For most people it will be the common culprits such as cows milk, eggs, gluten, wheat and yeast. Our intolerances can change over the course of time and can be affected by the foods we eat, the level of hygiene we have around food and through food quality. The only sure fire way to know your intolerances is to take a Lorisian blood test.

6. Uphold your food hygiene – This is often overlooked or not even considered by most people. Little things like using the same chopping boards for meat and vegetables can cause cross contamination and harmful bacteria can form even if they have been washed. Small and consistent acts such as using cling film to cover food, tin foil to cook and by cleaning your fridges on a fortnightly or monthly basis you will make a huge difference to your overall health and wellbeing.

7. Eat real food – Probably the most obvious and simplest one on this list. Real food means no crisps, junk food or cereals. We have a saying in the fitness industry that eating cereal is about as useful as eating the cardboard box! This in simple terms means that the nutritional value of cereals is often so low that it’s barely beneficial and with all the hidden and added sugars and additives it’s often detrimental to your health. If you stick to the concept of if it ever walked, flew, swam or grew, you can eat it. If it didn’t then don’t. There are exceptions but this is often a great place to start when resetting your body.

Written by; Christian

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