yogaThe importance of being present..being!

The world moves at 25,000 miles per day – averaging to around 1000 miles per hour – the world is moving extremely fast – we as a result, need to slow down
The rush and expectations of life, were the exact reasons why I decided to try out Yoga.. never realizing that a whole world was to be discovered when stepping onto my mat.
That world was in-fact an understanding of myself.
My fears, barriers, anxieties. Issues that I had chosen to push away, ignore instead keeping with that “rush” forwards
Where I was trying to get to, I do not know.
Stepping onto my mat, I rediscovered the ability to inquire.
Inquiry, then as a result, accessed energy levels in my body, that I had been suppressing for clearly a very long time.
Inquiry then helped me to understand myself better.. but also to understand others.
We have a fear of the unknown, or a fear of the truth.
We are afraid of pain however pain can guide us to knowledge, soon becoming an aspect of our lives, rather than dominating it.
We have to experience pain to know what feels good.
Now when I use this example, I am not suggesting anyone to go out and cause harm to themselves! But rather to suggest, taking the time to address what is going on inside of ourselves, by taking the time to be still, in order to be woken up.
Yoga can often be misinterpreted as a solely spiritual or physical practice.
There is one line in the Yoga Sutra (the original writings of Yoga) about Asana (physical) which is “to be in good standing with one self” supporting the idea that Yoga is in fact, unique to the individual and can be as physical or as restorative as one prefers it to be.
The poses are metaphors, designed to aid the body in digestion. Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Digestion.
By keeping the blood moving, calming the nervous system and helping the flow of energy, we are able to rid the body of what it does not need.
Now this could be achieved by resting in Child’s Pose or standing on our heads.
When we are able to sit with whatever is going on in our minds, or in our bodies and practice letting go, we are able to see things more clearly and feel a whole lot better about ourselves.
We can often relate to the term “a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders” after an important meeting, a dreaded discussion or a decision made that was long over-due”. This is literally allowing our bodies to release the tension, compression and waste that has been sitting with us over a build up of time.
By allowing ourselves to be here, now and waking up to the present moment, rather than always looking back at what we could have done differently, or looking forwards into what we believe we should be doing differently, we are then willing to come apart.
When we get used to that feeling of “being uncomfortable”, this no longer becomes a problem.
The voice of intuition acts in the present moment, that “get up and go” mentality.
The voice of fear, however, stops to think, creates barriers and we then get in the way of ourselves.
Recognizing the non-stop chatter of our mind is the first step to quieting it down. Rather than addressing every thought that comes into our minds, why not acknowledge the thought and move on.
It is understandable that we have so many thoughts that go through our mind each day, as we step out into a world where we are absorbing everyone else’s thoughts and emotions.
Even if we recluse at home, our minds wander and find something to “fix”, whether that be on the TV or around ourselves.
When we can calm the turbulence in our minds, we are able to see things from a different perspective.
Since stepping on my yoga mat, I struggle to go a day without it. The mat being a metaphor for “taking the time out for myself”.
So I encourage, in any way that you find possible, take the time out for YOU.
Stop, breathe, listen to what is going on inside of yourself.
Acknowledge, digest and accept yourself for who you are and what you are feeling inside.
Yoga is the practice of being present – allow yourself to experience life, now.

Written by Zara

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